The Online Classes are amazing.It feels like sir is sitting in front of me and explaining the topic – TISHA CHORARIA (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT)

The classes are really helpful and our doubts are being solved simultaneously – SHRUTI NEWTIA (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Thankyou so much for Online Classes. We are able to utilise our time even when we are at home. You both make the classes very interesting – ASTHA SHAW (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

The online classes has really been a help during the quarantine and helped me do something fruitful instead of just being on the phone all day or sleeping. The online classes also are helpful in studying. I am facing no difficulties in studying from these classes – MAHEK GARG (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

Online video classes is very helpful to us. No other tuition has implemented this unique technique of teaching. In this covid scenario also, we can study and understand the concepts very well and also if we have doubts based on that video class we can just ask and clarify them.This unique method of teaching can only be done in Sarveshians classes. Thank you so much didi and bhaiya for your hardwork – SAKSHI KHAITAN (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Even in this lockdown you care for us and our studies so much Didi & Bhaiya. There are not enough words to thank you for all that you do. All these things wouldn’t go unnoticed – BISHU SINGH (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

honestly online classes provided by you are very clear and easily understandable. And the way you teach makes us forget the time. Thank you for helping us and continuing the classes – PUNAM ASOPA (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

These online classes are too helpful as we are able to continue our classes even in these times. It is too convenient for us as our doubts are also getting solved then and there. Thank you so much for providing us with such facilities – DISHA AGARWAL (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Due to the corona virus there had been an inevitable teething problems but we are able to continue with our studies via online classes provided by Bhaiya & Didi by just sitting in our home in all comforts and simultaneously we are also getting time to ask our doubts – VIVEK SONI (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Thank you so much for giving us online classes during Covid 19. It is very helpful and moreover we are able to use our time effectively – NISHTHA KUNDALIA (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Personally I loved the online classes because time utilise bhi ho raha hai and aap log ko dekhne mil raha hai – ISHITA JODHANI (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

The online classes are very useful. And helping us to continue our study in such a crucial situation. It is also interesting as it helps us to remove our boredom during Lockdown -PRIYANSHU JAIN (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

The online classes held my Sarveshians Classes is very much helpful. It is helping us to study sitting at our home without any difficulty and also one of the best Maths tuition that i got till date – MADHURI HARLALKA (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

We can use our time fruitfully in these harsh situation. Our studies are not lagging behind due to the initiative which has been taken by Sarveshians Classes of organising online classes.. We are very grateful and blessed that we re a part of these classes.. Thank you Didi and Bhaiya – SHAHIL PODDAR (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Online classes are really helpful as in this lockdown period its very necessary to keep up our studies. the quality is also very nice – VANSHIKA VYAS (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Online classes are really helpful.Thank you for helping all of us.Though we are not able to attend live classes but this is no less than Live Classes – HIMAANSI VERMA (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

The online classes are really helpful and it is very nice . During the covid period, it is really being very helpful and it is like saving our time. Thank you so much Bhaiya & Didi for the online classes – PURVI HARLALKA (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

Even in this panademic you are helping us with everything you could. Thanks Didi & Bhaiya for these classes in this situation. It is the best one can get from the such a wonderful teachers – GOURAV DAGA (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Online classes are very helpful in this time when we can’t afford to have live classes. We are able to understand everything clearly. And also we are not lagging behind in our studies. So thankyou Didi & Bhaiya for arranging online classes for us – JATIN KEJRIWAL (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

The online class are quite informative and helpful. It is very structural and organised -DIVYANSH SHAW (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

These online video classes are too good.Each and every topic can be understood. Every small topic is well covered in the classes. Inspite of using virtual platform, Bhaiya explains each topic conceptually so much so that I do not face any problem. Thankyou Bhaiya and Didi for putting in so much effort and giving us so much time – SHRUTI TEMANI (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Online Classes are really helpful for us. We can understand everything. All topics are explained in details. Time is given so that we can understand each topic well which is again very useful. But we really miss the Face to Face Class for the fun we have alongwith studying. Thankyou Bhaiya and Didi for these classes – SATVIK ANCHAL (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Due to this corona virus to not lag behind in studies the online classes by Sarveshians Classes is the best option. We can easily sit in our home with comforts and study we also get time to ask doubt’s simultaneously – DHRUV AGARWAL (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Online classes are very much helpful ,our studies are also not lagging during the quarantine , and most importantly I am able to understand the things clearly – ADITI CHOUDHARY (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

The Online Classes stared by Sarveshians Classes is a phenomenal step taken by Bhaiya and Didi. at the time of lockdown when everyone is enjoying and relaxing at their place, you both are putting in a lot of effort to impart education to students. Personally before the Online Classes started in was sitting idle at home and doing nothing. But now I am sitting at my place and studying as Board Examinations would eventually take place – JAGRIT KAUSHIK (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

The online classes are really helpful and amazing way to study conceptually and at the same time staying safe from COVID -19 – SARANSH JAISWAL (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

Even during the lockdown due to corona virus our studies is not being harmed just because of our true mentors – Didi and Bhaiya even works hard in this situation and made the online classes available for us and we are utilizing our free time in a very positive way – SITAL CHINDALIA (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

These online classes are quite helpful as we are able to manage our studies even in these hard times, its so convenient and we are not facing problems while learning through live classes. Thankyou so much for this facility – ISHITA SONTHALIA (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT)

Online classes are very helpful – YASH KOTHARI (CLASS XII, ISC STUDENT);

In this situation of covid 19 Sarveshians as a group is working hard to maintain the classes with the help of online study pattern. It is very helpful to keep up to our studies during this quarantine time. Moreover the lessons are made simple and clear and easy to understand – CHANCHAL HIRAWAT (CLASS XII, CBSE STUDENT);

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